It’s summer vacation and the kids are full of energy! Wondering what you can do to keep them entertained on a tight budget? Below are 10 fun things to do in Yankton with your kiddos that are absolutely FREE!

1. Meridian Bridge: This is such a wonderful feature for Yankton! Take the kids for a fun stroll on the bridge where they can run/walk and look at the scenery. Great way to burn off the extra energy.

2. Splash Pad at the Meridian Bridge Plaza: There is nothing better than running through some fountains on a hot July day for kids. This is also a bonus after walking the Meridian Bridge…just don’t forget to bring a towel to dry off after!

3. Hiking Trails: One of the best hiking trails in Yankton is Smutty Bear Trail. It is nestled deep in the hills and takes you to Gavins Point that overlooks Lewis & Clark Lake. The kids will have a blast looking at the nature that surrounds the trails.

4. Bike Riding: There are more than a dozen trails in the Yankton area to take advantage of on your bike. One of the best to experience is the Auld-Brokaw Trail system that will take you all the way through Yankton but from a new perspective.

5. Gavins Point National Fish Hatchery & Aquarium: Surround yourself with over 13 tanks full of fish and turtles! Kids are fascinated by these underwater creatures and it get you out of the hot sun for a bit.

6. City Parks: Every kid wants to go to the park and Yankton is lucky enough to have over a dozen to choose from. Keep it fun and experience a new park each week!

7. Frisbee Golf: You can experience this fun sport at Fantle Memorial Park. Bring your own equipment and spend the afternoon playing this fun outdoor sport that all ages can participate in.

8. Go to the Beach: A spacious beach awaits you on Lake Yankton. There are many additional beaches in the Lewis & Clark Recreation Area (park permit required) to enjoy as well!

9. Visit Gavins Point Dam: This is always an eye opener to the kiddos, especially if the gates are open! Grab some ice cream and drive down to sit and watch the water and fisherman.

10. Make a Scavenger Hunt of it All: Write down some clues/riddles for your kids to guess where their next stop will take them! I did this with my kids and they had a ball discovering all the fun places in Yankton.