Kelsey Holzbaver

9/11 impacted every American in some way. Most can remember where they were sitting when the heard the news and remember their reactions.

Eventually America persevered and pulled through, never forgetting that tragic day. For one Yankton High School senior it determined her career path.

Kelsey Holzbaver is enlisted in the United States Marine Corps; she decided that at a young age. After 9/11 Kelsey felt the need to step up for her country, “so nothing like that happens again.” She feels that it is her way to thank and “pay-back” the people that have served our country.

Choosing this career path can have its difficulties especially for a female. Since the country has been at war for ten years more women have stepped up to serve the country. Still women only make 20% of the military and only around 7% of the Marine Corps. Despite the odds Kelsey did the research, on her own, of all the branches of the military and decided on the Marines. When asked about her parent’s opinion Kelsey said, “My mom is kind of quiet on the issue. She isn’t unsupportive, but not necessarily supportive.” Despite her mother’s stance on the issue Kelsey contacted a recruiter at the beginning of her junior year, last August. Since then Kelsey has been working with the Marines.

One of the first steps Kelsey had to take was the initial training.

She travel to Sioux Falls, along with her friend Morgan Jones, to train with a group of fifty; she is the only female there. When asked about her training Kelsey had this to say, “I’ve even beaten some of the guys.” The guys at her training aren’t the only ones she has to prove herself to she has also received grief from her brothers at home. Training is only one of the things Kelsey has had to work at since her decision.

Kelsey has had to make decisions about her future with the Marines. She is currently contracted for four years active duty and four years inactive.

During her time in the Marines she plans on taking online classes and night classes from a college wherever they decide to station her. After those eight years Kelsey plans on staying in for the full twenty years before retiring. She had this to say, “I know I will fall in love with it and will want to stay.”

Kelsey will be graduating from Yankton High School this May with plans to serve our country. She had some advice for females and males interested in the Marines or any other branch of the military, “If it’s something you want and love you have to work at it-male or female.” She would also like to thank her friend Morgan Jones, a fellow senior at Yankton who is also going into the Marines. He has been supportive through the entire process and someone to relate to for Kelsey. Kelsey will be able to serve as a role model for future females seeking a position in the United States Military.