When ex–military contractor John Knox receives a text from partner Grace Chu warning that she fears her cover may have been blown while on assignment, he jumps into action. Knox must locate her overseas handlers, convince them of the threat, and then attempt to retrace the well-hidden steps of a woman who had been attempting to determine how one million euros’ worth of AIDS vaccine disappeared, all while eluding angry poachers on a parallel trail.

Corruption isn’t a “problem” in Kenya, it’s the way of doing business. The poaching of ivory from African elephants, driven by an insatiable demand from mainland China, fuels constant blood and slaughter. Knox faces police, national rangers, journalists, and safari companies who are each in their own symbiotic relationship with elephants, both good and bad. As the threat from Al-Shaabab militants interferes with his pursuit of Grace, Knox finds himself pitted against the most savage and suicidal fighters in the world. And there’s this woman, Grace, always in his head. Grace watches as her civilized self slips away while abandoned in the bush as Knox races against the clock to find her.

This was my first time reading Ridley Pearson and it won’t be my last. Although the book made Knox and Chu appear to be super human at times, it was full of twists, turns and adventure. Rest assured that everything turns out fine for the hero and heroine. Knowing this will make you less stressed as you read.

For me, the book was a lesson in the business of ivory poaching and a contemporary history lesson on the many problems that Africa and its people face today. While I am aware of the problems, I don’t fully understand the historic background. I believe this book gives a fairly accurate picture of the turmoil and injustices in Africa.

If you like historical fiction with Africa as the setting, you will enjoy this book. It has adventure, a bit of a love story, daring feats and bravery beyond compare! It’s easy to decide who the good guys and who the bad guys are, but again, this does not detract from the reading.

White Bone is the fourth in the Risk Agent series by Pearson. The library owns the entire series. Other books in chronological order are The Risk Agent, Choke Point and The Red Room.