Hello Wonderful Her Voice Readers,


It is Christmas week as I sit down to share my thoughts with you all. And oh my, what a very odd Christmas week it is. Marty and I, our children, grandchildren and extended family are all playing it safe during this holiday season. Just as we all did for Thanksgiving. I guess at this point we as a family have made the decision that you can’t be too careful. We’d rather have many more holidays together in years to come than share just one that could have a very serious impact. And with today’s technology between FaceTime and Zoom meetings, we can still see each other’s smiling faces and share our love and laughter!

As most of you know (as I’ve previously shared) I am an avid reader.

Our Yankton Community Library has been a close friend of mine since we moved here and with Covid-19 they’ve come up with new ways to continue to serve our community. I can go online and pick the books I want to check out and then my list magically (not really) gets to them and I get a text when my books are ready to be picked up. For their safety and mine when I get there, I just call and let them know I’m there and they bring the books out and put them on the bench!! It’s fabulous and I am so thankful for their great service.

I bring that up because I can’t remember if I read this in one of the books I read recently or if it’s something a friend shared on Facebook but it stuck with me, maybe because of the times we are living in right now. The person sharing was reflecting on how life can so unexpectedly change and switch to a different direction. How the complexity of those changes can’t possibly just happen by chance. And they shared their thoughts like this: that is why I’ve always thought of God less as an engineer than as an artist – one who uses our hopes, fears, dreams and tears to paint on the canvas of our souls. Usually creating a beautiful piece of art!

That is what I’m hoping for when Covid-19 is under control and the world returns to some semblance of normalcy. The picture that’s painted when it’s all over will be a thing of beauty, of health, peace and solidarity!

Take care dear friends,

God bless,