We’ve all been told “less is more”, and packing for your vacation is a perfect example of just that. It’s never enjoyable lugging a large bag through the airport or trying to lift it off the baggage claim carousel. Also the realization of forgetting something at home. Here are a few packing hacks to help you get through your next trip a little lighter and wiser.

Roll With It

Rolling your clothes is a huge space saver for your luggage. By rolling your clothes you also won’t have any creases and wrinkles.

What’s That Smell?

Place a dryer sheet in your luggage. This little hack will add a big boost of freshness!

Stay Charged

By bringing a wireless phone charger, you won’t have to scramble to find a power source to charge your phone/tablet and these are relatively small to tuck away in your purse or luggage.

Be Gentle

Mark your luggage as “fragile”, most airlines will put fragile bags at the top of the pile during the flight. This will ensure you to be one of the first to grab your luggage on the baggage claim carousel!

Bonus Space

Utilize “hidden spaces”…an example would be inside your shoes. Tuck away socks, jewelry, breakables, etc. to use all available space.

A New Twist On An Old Item

We’ve all seen them at the hotel but rarely ever use them. Why not pack your shoes in a shower cap to keep them separated from your clothes.

You Sure About That?

Only pack what you will REALLY wear not what you MIGHT wear. Be realistic knowing where you will be and what activities you will be doing.

Keep It Together Man

Be sure to keep all your liquids together in one bag. This will speed up the TSA line for everyone and convenient when you reach your destination for unpacking.

Make Contact

Use a contact lens case for pills, lotions, oils – things that would otherwise take up a large amount of space in their original bottle. These are very inexpensive to buy and can be used again and again.

No Heavy Lifting

Wear heavier clothes during the flight. Wearing the boots & coat on the plane instead of packing them will save a bunch of room in your luggage.