Hello loyal His Voice readers,

 I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase, “All good things must come to an end.” Well the phrase now applies to the His Voice portion of our magazine.

This phrase really shares the sense that everything that we have done cannot be undone. No success can be taken away once it has been achieved. So in essence, good things never really end; they perhaps just come to the end.

When we added the His Voice portion of the magazine we had high hopes that not only would we be able to find qualified writers to fill the magazine with excellent local content but we also hoped to have strong advertiser support.

Since neither of those has come to fruition we have decided to just focus on the Her Voice magazine again starting with the March/April edition and then moving forward.

We sincerely apologize as we know you’ve all enjoyed the entire magazine but we hope you will continue to be loyal Her Voice readers as you have in the past.

Thank you all and our wishes for a Happy New Year!

Micki Schievelbein

PS: We know you’ve enjoyed the writing of correspondent Brian Teel in His Voice, but please be assured he will continue to share his talents in Her Voice!

Also: Steve and Tracy Huff will continue sharing “His Eats” and Angella and Ryan Byykkonen “Through The Lens” in Her Voice as well!