Hello Her Voice Readers,

I sometimes struggle with what to share with you and of course this time was no different however I got to thinking…we are in the WORD business. Since 1977 I have been in the advertising and printing business and throughout that time have continued to learn so much about the industry and about the power of words. I am also an avid reader, as the wonderful people who work at our Yankton Public Library can attest to, since I’m in there frequently.

But in thinking about this subject I realized that we don’t always realize or maybe it’s that we don’t always remember how very powerful words can be.

Words can inspire and words can destroy.

Words can tear down or words can build up.

Words can nourish your soul and words can kill your spirit.

Words can help dreams soar or knock them down.

Words can educate and bring great wisdom.

One of the Webster definitions of “word” states it is a speech sound or series of speech sounds that symbolizes and communicates a meaning usually without being divisible into smaller units capable of independent use.

So my advice to myself and anybody else who would like to listen is this. Remember when we are sharing our “words” that they communicate and symbolize a meaning that is positive.

That lets others know we care. That we don’t destroy, but that we inspire and nourish and share not just the knowledge we might choose to impart, but the love that touches others.

We must never forget, once our “words” are spoken, we can’t take them back.

Before you speak, THINK:

T is it True?

H is it Helpful?

I is it Inspiring?

N is it Necessary?

K is it Kind?


God Bless,