As I’m writing this the election hasn’t happened yet and Covid-19 is running rampant. By the time you read this I will most likely have ripped all my hair out or it will have turned pure white. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to remain positive in our negative world. Yet, I can’t help but think about all of the wonderful things that are happening around us too.

A few of the things that I find really uplifting and positive during these trying times are:

• Some people have become more caring. There seem to be more random acts of kindness going on like somebody paying for the car behind them in the drive through at one of our fast food restaurants.

• Another was a store clerk helping out someone who didn’t have “quite” enough for their meager groceries.

• Learning something new – our families – which are spread throughout the great United States – have started Zoom calls since we can’t be together. It was a great adventure for us old folks to learn something new and it’s terrific to see the kids and grandkids smiling faces! We’ve even been able to enjoy a mini band concert via Zoom.

• We’ve grown to appreciate things we had previously come to take for granted. It used to be easy to get together with family and friends and we never realized what a great and precious gift it was. Now that we can’t do those things it’s made us truly understand that those things were a gift, not a given.

• Although we’ve dealt with loss of loved ones too many times to count over the years, the death of family and friends who have succumbed to Covid-19 seems overwhelming. And quite honestly, somehow unnecessary and hard to understand.

Moving forward through the upcoming holidays: Thanksgiving,

Christmas and the New Year I wish for all of us:

• Good health.

• Happiness.

• Fun and fellowship with family and friends.

• Peace, love and understanding.

• Return to normal or at least a wonderful “new” normal.

I wish all of you, our loyal Her Voice readers a Blessed Thanksgiving, a Merry-love and laughter filled Christmas and a gloriously healthy and Happy New Year!

God's Blessings,