It all began in 1969 just two months after she was married to her husband Dallas. Lois Thomas and her husband hadn’t had a honeymoon and they decided to travel from their home in California to Las Vegas to see an Elvis Presley show. For just $25 Lois and Dallas got dinner and a live Elvis show in Las Vegas. Lois had with her what would become the beginning of a large collection, an Elvis handbag and jacket.

After finishing their meal the show was about to begin and Elvis stepped out on stage. Women throughout the room began to scream and Dallas leaned over to Lois saying, “Don’t you dare scream.” Lois laughs thinking about it now and says she wasn’t the type who would scream over such a thing but ever since that night when Dallas told her not to, she screams. In fact most of Lois’ Elvis collection irritates her husband. “Friends would buy me things for my collection just to get a rise out of Dallas,” she laughs. As many years as she has been collecting Dallas’ irritation has waned and he seems to have accepted the inevitable just as Lois’ additions have waned. “It wasn’t nearly as much fun once he stopped hollering about it (the additions).” Lois admits that unless she gets a larger room she is no longer actively searching for Elvis collectables, although if something comes her way there’s still a good chance she’ll snatch it up. Such is the


case with her most recent purchase, a mini spoon that just happened to come along locally through an antique store.

Lois says both her and Dallas really enjoyed Elvis’ music, that he was such a good singer and had moves on stage you just didn’t see in those days. While a lot of music spans generations and people today still love his music it isn’t always appreciated by the younger crowd. Lois’ grandson used to love going into her Elvis room and making all the little toys and boxes sing their songs, while her granddaughter thought a Justin Bieber poster would make a nice addition.

Impressive as her collection is Lois has no idea how much, if any, her collection is worth. For her it is more the sentimental value of the pieces, the fact that they were given to her by friends and family, which really make them special and priceless.