Hello there,

It seems hard to believe that our beautiful summer isgone, the kids have been back in school for a while, and fallis upon us. In pondering what to share with you, our loyalHer Voice and now His Voice readers, a co-worker suggested “autumn”.

I really gave that a lot of thought and it hit me that we too have seasons in our lifetimes. In reflecting on that I believe spring is the season when we are born and it’s a new beginning, everything is fresh and beautiful. Just like the flowers and newly budding trees we are just starting on our wonderfully adventurous life. And just like the flowers and trees some of us thrive and grow during that “spring” of our life and some of us will struggle. Maybe we are born with health difficulties and get RSV or some other illness that affects young children.

According to Wikipedia spring and “springtime” can be a time of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. Spring is the time when many plants begin to grow and flower. Just like the traditional spring season, hopefully all of us come through our spring of life, growing and flourishing and we move on to a bright and sunny summer.

During the summer of our lives we begin to get out and socialize, going to school, meeting new friends and forming relationships to last us through the remaining seasons of our lives. Just like the “real” summer, which is the hottest of the four seasons, sometimes the summers in our lives are scorching too, we struggle. But through those struggles we come out into the bright, warm and deliciously comforting sunlight. Its’ brightness makes us smile and we know that this season of our life is for learning, for bonding with our families and friends and thriving and growing just like the farmers crops do throughout the summer season.

And then along comes the autumn of our lives. Autumn, sometimes known as “fall” lands between summer and winter. I found it interesting when looking at this that autumn marks the transition from summer to winter. It also talked about this being the season in some parts of the world for “shedding” of leaves. I think that’s true of us too.

When we reach the autumn of our lives we’ve gotten through school – some even college, we’ve learned and seen the ways of the world we live in. We now make long-term decisions.

Choosing our life partners, starting a family, deciding on a career or a path we’d like to take in this season of our life. For me, I think autumn has been the season of thoughtfulness, of knowing the gives and takes in life. Of losing some of the people I’ve loved and learning that however painful it can be, life goes on. We have our memories from our spring, summer and autumn seasons in our life and are ready to take that step to our “winter”.

I don’t feel like I’ve hit the “winter” of my life yet, however, my hair is getting as white as snow so I do believe I’m close!

Winter is considered the coldest season of the year in polarand temperate climates however in the “winter” season of our lives I’m not sure that’s the case. In my opinion, the winters of our lives should be for spending comfortable warm times with our families who are still with us, with the friends we’ve made through each season of our lives and for enjoying our time on earth. For the winters in our lives can be like a newly fallen snow on a bright and shining day, blanketed with freshness, ready to be enjoyed. Just like all the other days in our lives, these days we must be thankful for.

For the seasons of our lives have been a blessed journey, each one different and each one necessary.

Thank you all for being part of my seasons in life, I truly appreciate your kind words and your loyal readership of our Her Voice/His Voice and this old gal’s Meandering ways.

God Bless,