45 Years? Really??

I mentioned in our last issue of Her Voice that I would be going “home” to Rock Rapids, Iowa for my class reunion. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it was our 45th! It’s amazing really to have it be that many years ago since our high school graduation.

I remember many years ago when my Mother was still alive. I had gone over for a visit and she said, “Michele (my real name), I looked in the mirror today and said – who is that old woman looking back at me??” She then continued by saying of course she knew it was her, but on the inside she doesn’t feel that old, she still felt like a young lady. Only now she shared she has all the memories from 70 some years of living that inhabit her mind.

At the time I must admit I didn’t really understand what she was going through or how those thoughts came about. Now I can say, I completely understand and have definitely had my own, ah ha moments when I look in the mirror. I see the wrinkles, the gray hair (which by the way I got colored and highlighted before the reunion– like that fooled anybody…lol!) and definitely have the aches and pains of a 62 year old. But on the inside I still feel like the young gal my Mother was referring to.

I had a terrific time at the reunion getting to see and visit with anice group of our classmates and their spouses and just as I suspected we shared our joys and sorrows. We’ve had quite a few classmates that have lost their spouses and also some of our classmates that we’ve lost. We all shared a moment of silence for those that were no longer with us. It was very touching. However, we also shared some of the greatest joys we’ve all experienced. Our children’s successes and the beautiful lives they have created. Most of us were very excited to share stories of our fantastic grandchildren. I of course, think mine are the absolute greatest!! (We have five amazing granddaughters!)

But as I was there with my childhood friend Jeri and the others, I took a moment to just look around the room and to watch the interaction and expressions of our group. There was no dividing into “clicks” and not one person sat alone, we were all making sure we got to talk to each and every one there and it was such a joy to witness.

It reminded me that sometimes in the world we live in today, people judge and can be prejudicial of any way another person might be different than they are. I am proud to say, there was none of that at this gathering and I hope when you all have a chance to “go home” or attend a large gathering of friends and/or family, that you can experience that same feeling of acceptance and togetherness that I did.

Take Care and God Bless,