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Owen Dangel is showing his dairy goat during the 2017 Yankton County Achievement Days. Karlie Freng is shown making Orange Chicken during the Special Foods contest held in the summer. confidence and became more comfortable with these tasks with more experience in the program. She is thankful that many students come to her with questions and she encourages the youth to ask for help or guidance. She strives to make her herself easily accessible to the students. Though she feels that many still have the perception that 4-H is just about working with animals, livestock and agriculture, it really covers a wide variety of interests. If your child would like to become involved in this program, you can contact the Yankton County Extension office at 665-3387, view their website at www.yankton4h.com or complete a profile and enroll online at www.4honline.com. Doty continues with a smile, “I think 4-H gives you a lot of the life skills that you’re going to need growing up,” she explains. “It gives you the ability to talk to people, give presentations, public speaking, responsibility with animals and getting projects completed on time. You get the opportunity to learn how to cook, sew and take care of animals. Anything that the kids are interested in, there’s a spot for them in 4-H.” n Ellie Wagner talks over all the details and what work had to go into creating her Lego Rain and Rose Lane show off the handbags that they constructed at workshop held at the Extension project with the interview judge during Achievements Days. Office to enter in Achievement Days. HERVOICEvJULY/AUGUST 2018v7

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