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vTSCHETTER continued from page 13 vMADSON continued from page 6 In hindsight, Tschetter feels that this event completes the mission of carrying forth his mom’s legacy. He feels that this is the most substantial way of continuing and honoring her and his father with something that could have an eternal impact on others. He explains the name Honor Fest not only means honoring his parents and their wishes, but also honoring God by being his vessel. Tschetter feels that the event brings together those people that have never been to church, those that are Christians but lagging in their faith and those that want to reach out to others through their faith. Tschetter explains how he feels that his event gives all three types of people a chance to come together and learn from one another. “It excites all three (types) of us to say, ‘I can make a difference.’ One person can make a difference to my family, my kids, my organization that I work for, my region, my city. One person can have a multitude of different people that they interact with on a daily basis.” The event is held at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center east of Yankton. Tickets are available here and at www.Eventbrite.com. You can also visit their Facebook page at “Honor Fest” and message Russ for tickets. He tries to keep the costs reasonable; tickets are $10.00 in advance or $15.00 at the door. There are also VIP tickets available at a cost of $30.00. The VIP tickets allow early entry at 5:00 PM, first seating and special meet and greet with the bands and an opportunity for autographs. Doors open at 6:00 PM for the rest of the ticketholders and the concert and speaker last until approximately 9:00-9:30. Tschetter is thankful to those who have given him guidance and direction in planning this event and welcomes the community to join the celebration or volunteer to become involved. He appreciates the businesses in the community that have taken a positive stance in their faith and encourages the citizens to take a stance as well and take advantage of this positive, family-friendly event. He smiles, explaining appreciatively, “The volunteers have been awesome, the businesses that have given time and talents, it’s just amazing how a small group of people can come together.” n until the opening on Friday night. After Riverboat Days ends, Monday is a full day of work, too. “The night it’s over, notes are taken of what went right and wrong, and we start then and there getting ready for next year,” he said. It’s all worth it when you consider the value of the festival to the community, Cliff said. “So many people don’t realize what Riverboat Days has (done), and continues to do, for Yankton,” he said. “(The Riverboat Days committee) has spent a considerable amount of money in the park in the last 20 years. “It’s a community project and it works because everybody helps. That’s what makes it a good celebration.” For the Madsons, it’s just another service for the community they call home. They have lived in Yankton since 1963. They reside just outside of Yankton where Cliff plants corns and beans, and operates C&C Hauling and Construction. Donna works part-time at the Contact Center. They remain close with their four children and their families, two of which reside right next door to them. Those close connections to their family and the community remove any ideas of living elsewhere, Donna said. “We went to Texas one time for a week in the winter and I could never do that (again),” she said. “My car is kept in our garage, the guys shovel the snow around our property and I don’t have to work in the cold. I have no desire to live anywhere else.” In addition to working with Riverboat Days, the couple also works with Yankton’s annual Holiday Feast on Thanksgiving eve. The Madsons say they are looking forward to their new roles for Riverboat Days, even if this longtime event requires them this year to take on new positions. “I’m really enjoying it,” Donna said. n Willcockson Eye Associates, P .C. Quality Eye Care, Close To Home • Best quality medical and surgical eyecare for you and your family • State of the art cataract surgery • Expert treatment of diseases such as glaucoma, eye complications from diabetes, and macular degeneration • Extensive selection of frames, styles and lens options at The Spectacle Shop, LLC. The Spectacle Shop, L.L.C. 415 W. 3rd, Yankton • Call 605-665-9638 Got Inspiration? 16vHISVOICEvJULY/AUGUST 2018 We would love to hear about who and what inspires you. Do you know someone that should be featured in hisvoice? Karen E Dickes, D.O. Board Certified Ophthalmologist Medical and Surgical Eye Care Gregory A Kouri, O.D. Optometrist Medical Eye Care Submit to: hervoiceonline.com

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