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it did the double task of satisfying the palate while filling up the stomach. “Fish is very filling,” Steve said. “Tonight, we have an entire meal without starch, except maybe for the stuffing that’s part of the scalloped crab meat.” Tuna can also provide a great base for leftovers, Tracy said. “We like to have tuna and ramen noodles,” she said. When it comes to a little libation with their seafood, the Huffs throw out the rule book. “White wine is usually associated with fish, but Tracy likes Cabernet (Sauvignon), and I’m joining her tonight,” Steve said. “As we’ve said before, don’t get stuck in a rut. Don’t be afraid to pair different foods and wines.” Fresh From The Garden While firing up the grill, the Huffs created a garden salad. But this wasn’t a lettuce wedge or similar fare. Steve went straight to the garden to create a fresh veggie combination. He topped off his creation with the kick of a special homemade sauce. His prize selections include radishes purchased at the Yankton farmer’s market. “These radishes came from a Menno garden,” he said. “The radishes are really dirty and need to be cleaned, but it shows they came from good soil. I’m cutting it up for the salad.” Steve also showed off a prize cucumber. This wasn’t just any cuke — the long veggie made for a tasty and bountiful part of the salad. “Cucumbers are nearly all water, but they can be really crunchy and tasty. You can also make chips from the cukes,” he said. “For this salad, you bring together the cucumbers and radishes. Then you can have salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and sesame seeds. It gives it a really tangy flavor that you can savor with the cut-up chunks of vegetables. The veggies remained in the sauce as a type of marinade. Steve offered a small skewer for picking out samples from the main bowl. The flavor provided zip without overwhelming the radishes and cucumbers. No bland veggies here. vHIS EATS continued on page 17 HISVOICEvJULY/AUGUST 2018v9

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