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I’m having trouble, his crew helps me. It just depends on what the needs are. What you’ll find in the racing community is that racers help each other. If you need a part, you just walk around the pits and everybody helps everybody out. You don’t want to see anybody not make it out on the track because they’re missing a component.” Currently, Vogt is on his sixth late-model vehicle. “I really didn’t wreck any of them, per-se, they just wear out and then technology upgrades to where they do different things with the chassis to make them handle better,” he said. “That’s what I’ve upgraded throughout the years.” With an eye to the future, Vogt is already at work on car number seven — another Lazer Chassis which sits partially finished in his garage that will either be used as a backup for the current car or go into service during the next racing season. Vogt said putting a new dirt track car together can take at least a few weeks. “If you have all the parts and pieces, you could probably put it together in three weeks,” he said. “Some people on the bigger-budget teams buy their car complete and all put together.” … If I make my own body, it takes a week or two. If I get the body that’s formed already and just need to rivet it on, we can do it over a weekend. I’d allow at least a month to do everything right if you’re starting with a bare chassis.” Notable Moments With a family that enjoys racing, Vogt recalled one instance of a little sibling rivalry on the track. “I raced against my brother at Stuart,” he said. “There was one night where he and I finished 1-2 in the heat race, 1-2 in the trophy dash and 1-2 in the future.” He said that his brother became just a little suspicious of the performance at one point. “I almost passed him in the trophy dash and he immediately came over and was checking my tire pressure to see what pressure I was running,” he said. “He didn’t like that I came up alongside him at the end.” Vogt said he’s also had his share of come-from-behind victories over the years. “Once at Wagner I came through the field from pretty far back and was riding the cushion and got my way up to the front from the eighth starting position,” he said. “That was a really good night because we were running clear up high where nobody else was and managed to get around the field.” vRACING continued on page 12 No Mess! No Hassle! Great To-Go Meals! 2809 Broadway Ave., Yankton 605-665-9884 Monday-Thursday 11AM to 9PM Friday & Saturday 11AM-10PM Sundays 10:30AM-9PM jodeans.com Family Owned Since 1971 Call & Order Ahead 665.9884 4 $ 00 Dinners To Go Choose from... •Chicken •Catfish •Walleye p Pick Unthly o Your Mar With Calendcials! Spe Includes mashed potatoes and gravy and steamed vegetable Our eck Out Go! Ch s To Salad HISVOICEvJULY/AUGUST 2018v11

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