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vLIBRARY continued from page 21 vBYYKKONEN continued from page 19 has been moved from prison to the nursing home due to his terminal cancer diagnosis. As Joe learns Carl’s history, which includes service in Vietnam, he comes to believe that Carl was wrongly convicted. We soon see Joe delving into the 30-year-old case and enlisting Max Rupert, a sympathetic police detective, the girl across the hall, and his autistic younger brother. There are car chases, unexpected suspects, and lots of references to towns and landmarks readers who are familiar with the Twin Cities and southwest Minnesota will recognize. Allen Eskens is the author of three other novels. The Shadows We Hide will continue Joe’s story as he begins his first post college job as a cub reporter and stumbles in to another unsolved mystery – the murder of a man named Joseph Talbert. It is due to be released in November, 2018. and helped undress me so I could get an x-ray. I’m glad I wore clean underwear that day! There have been countless injuries (mostly me) and illnesses with some unusual ailments (again, mostly me) over the years that we’ve endured together. As a work family we’ve been through the birth of a child or grandchild and deaths of loved ones. From birthdays to graduations, to weddings and funerals, we’ve celebrated and we’ve mourned together. At times we poke fun of each other (yes, again mostly me) and have laughed till we cried or peed our pants, yep, I have actually done this! We have also problem solved serious situations or issues that have arose together. Now I am not delusional to think that other places of business employees should be or could be this way with each other as it is about the working relationship that you choose to have with your coworkers. Mine have not only become friends but my work family. Some of these individuals are the strongest, smartest, humorous, most caring and generous people I know. So, love who you work with and you’ll love where you work! Queen of Hearts by Kimmery Martin This is a debut novel. It has been described as a cross between Grey’s Anatomy and Big Little Lies – a drama with a medical backdrop and characters with lots of hidden secrets and connections. Zadie and Emma are two successful doctors. They have been best friends since they met in medical school and believe they know everything about each other. They have supported each other through all kinds of circumstances. There is an unexpected professional crisis and the reappearance of an old love. Secrets are revealed and we are left to wonder if that friendship will unravel or if forgiveness is possible. Kimmery Martin says she is a writer, a book reviewer, and a professional literary nerd. She is also an emergency medical doctor. Hopefully we can look forward to more from her soon. n We would love to hear about who and what inspires you. Know someone that should be featured in hervoice? Submit to: hervoiceonline.com My 5 Keys To Successful Work Relationships 1. Respect is not demanded, Respect is earned. • Respect those around you, if you give it, it will be returned. 2. Be honest. • This I say loosely as I’m a bit too honest at times, I don’t really have a filter for my mouth. • Honesty is the best policy, they say. 3. Compliment your coworkers. • Everybody deserves to be told how fabulous they are or when they’ve done a great job on something. • Saying please and thank you for even the littlest things can go a long way. 4. Don’t take everything so seriously, don’t overreact. • If you find yourself in a situation and you’re frustrated, ask yourself; is it going to be the end of the world or is it life changing? • Let it go; don’t add fuel to a fire that didn’t need to be started in the first place. 5. Have a sense of humor. (I should’ve had this as number one as this is the most important) • Learn to laugh not only with your coworkers but at yourself as well. • Laughter is the best medicine, a cure for deescalating almost any situation. n 22vHERVOICEvJULY/AUGUST 2018

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