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Love where you work, i.e. who you work with. The Faces of the Press & Dakotan – Angella Byykkonen vBy Angella Byykkonen When asked to do this story about myself and my position with Yankton Media I laughed, no, really, I laughed hard! Who on earth would find that interesting? “I’m an open book,” I’ve always said. So, I thought about this long and hard, maybe I could share a day in the life of an advertising sales rep, hour by hour. But that is a bit egotistical to think anyone would find that interesting! Instead I’ve chosen not so much to share about my personal life; likes, interests, goals, hobbies, family, etc. But to share about who I work with, my work family, I call them. Now I know most of you reading this have at one time or another complained about your job, your boss, your coworkers, who hasn’t for Pete’s sake! What are we robots? It’s only natural to have those days where we hate our jobs, the stress and demands, the nagging bosses or the annoying, nosey coworker. But the positive moments outweigh the negative ones at least for me. Recently I just celebrated 10 years working for Yankton Media in my current position as a Media Consultant. Now in those 10 years I’ve seen amazing changes and not so amazing decisions. I’ve seen faces come and go of those I don’t even remember their names. But I’ve also fortified bonds and relationships with those individuals who have moved on to greener pastures and the work family that are still here, many of them with 15 years to 20 plus years with this company. These men and women (mostly women) will give you the shirt off their backs and pick you up when you fall down, literally pick you up off the ground in my case. One winter at the end of the work day I half stepped out the door at the office to automatic start my car to warm it up and slipped on the icy sidewalk doing the splits, and not in a pretty way! My coworkers not only picked my sprawled out body off the ground, but loaded me in a vehicle and drove me to the clinic. And when the clinic couldn’t help me, drove me to the emergency room vBYYKKONEN continued on page 22 ecor • Home Dosed Furniture ments • Re-purpul Floral Arrange ng • Beautif Furniture Painti • Custom ow Open N Rita’s Decor Den Featuring an additional 3,000 sq. ft. of home decor! ita’s R alities urse–o,–Nntown Yankton .com P St. Dow es 219 W. 3rd w.ritaspurse-o-naliti 362 • ww 605-260-8 HERVOICEvJULY/AUGUST 2018v19

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