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vLENS continued from page 21 no sitting instead of kneeling!” We continue down a long hallway to several other rooms on the main floor. There was a large kitchen at the end that still held an old refrigerator and ice box. A smaller room across the hallway still holds a piano and next to it was an eight track player. He tells me that this was the music room where the Sister’s taught music lessons. There is a back staircase that has an interesting cut out design in the wooden banister that leads up to the second floor, we choose to head down the back stairs to the basement instead. He tells me that lunch was served in the basement and at a time there were one hundred students to be fed. The basement held the boarder’s dining room, the day student’s dining room, the priest’s dining room; the kitchen with a cellar like storeroom is off to the side. Now to say dining room for the student’s is a bit of a stretch as he shows me where they would’ve eaten. Down a long cement walk, which appears to be a hallway, he said would’ve been a long wooden table and benches. “This is where we ate lunch every day.” My tour guide got a bit nervous in the basement as it was pitch black and asked me if I saw any ghosts. He did not want to stay very long down there even when I had reassured him with my flashlight. He tells me that even when he was a kid he never liked coming down here, he always felt as if he was being watched. I shot almost two hundred photos while we were there and did not find a ghost present in a single one! We make our way up the stairwell to the main floor, now back at the front of the school and continue up the main stairwell to the second floor. There were three dorm rooms on the second floor and two bathrooms. Now at the time when he went to school there, there was no running water and no indoor bathrooms. The outhouses, which are still standing are on the south side of the Convent 22vHISVOICEvJULY/AUGUST 2018

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