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vYANKTON COLLEGE continued from page 16 college, especially the trip to compete in Denver, CO where the beauty of the mountains captivated the Midwestern girls’ attention. She even won a college “Superior” medal at one of her debate tournaments. As her graduation neared, she recalls several dozen students preparing for the ministry, having graduated from the School of Theology, a component of YC that many involved with YC took pride in. Schiferl also enjoyed the Denver, CO area, where she traveled to with the concert choir. She also has fond memories of her senior voice recital. Several people come to mind when the ladies think back to college days. To name a few, Gross remembers how Dan Rasmussen helped get her into full classes as she started in the second semester. She comments that Dr. Jobes and Dr. Boos in the Science Department were extraordinary teachers and Dr. John Notheis was a teacher, coach, mentor and lifelong friend. If she could do anything differently, she feels like she would be more politically active and become more involved with student council. Lehrman recalls many when reflecting back: “Sue (Notheis) Kemnitz, Becky (Gowery) Huser, Brenda (Elsberry) Ealey, Fred Lyles, Kathy (Rodgers) and Rick McCauley, Sheila (Bender) McKenna, my roommate, Janet (Liibbe) Young, and the list goes on: Rob, Richie, Bobby, Deb, Twink, MG, Val, Bev, Shep, Geno, Ann, Peggy, Patty, Mary Ann, Dawn, Becky, Bruce, Pat, Julie, Sue, and so many more,” she states. She also recalls instructors and coaches Doc Schultz, vGIRLS Marty Wood, Greg “Badger” Bailey. She doesn’t think she would have changed anything about her college days, having had a wonderful experience. Neubauer mentions that YC has hundreds of living alumni that correspond regularly and are involved in the Yankton College Alumni and Educational Center which is being built on the third floor of the Mead Building, located north of town. They are gearing up for the allclass YC Reunion, which will be held at Minerva’s on July 18, 19 and 20 this year. I laugh as she recalls how they are known to break into a loud rendition of “Hail! Yankton College” at a moment’s notice. When Schiferl thinks back to the college life, her good friend Denise comes to mind, whom she met while at YC. They shared an apartment their senior year and still stay in touch. She also feels that, if given the chance to do something differently, she wouldn’t change anything about her college days, noting that “My time at USD/S and YC are cherished memories.” Though coming from different backgrounds and taking different paths in life, these students all agree on one thing – they loved their time at Yankton College. The YC mantra of “Yankton College Forever” stands true to its word. n check out... hervoiceonline.com STATE continued from page 5 The best part of the whole process for Cheryl is meeting the delegates and watching them grow throughout the week. “We encourage them to go outside their comfort zone and to be involved as they will get out of the program what they put into it. Every year we always say this is the best group of young leaders ever and the next group comes in the following year. We are very proud of our program.” The ALA SD Girls State is considered by the National American Organization as one of the top programs and for the size of South Dakota, they are also considered as one of the larger programs. “The delegates are amazing young ladies and we refer to them as young leaders and not future leaders because they are already leaders in their schools, church, and community.” Skin cancer is the easiest to cure, if diagnosed and treated early. Cheryl also works for the American Legion Auxiliary in other ways as well. She is the ALA State Chairman for the Veterans Christmas Party at HSC. Cheryl and her mom are Co-Chairman for the Christmas gift shop for the HSC veterans and their families. Local ALA units and community members donate items and then volunteers assist the veterans in shopping for their family members. The gifts are wrapped and then sent to the families at no cost to the veterans. “I am very fortunate I not only have the opportunity to work with young leaders of tomorrow but I have the opportunity of working directly with the veterans and their families as well.” n The skin is the largest organ of the body with many different functions. It is important to protect it. About 3.5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in this country each year. One in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of their lifetime. People of all races can develop skin cancer. As with other cancers, if diagnosed and treated early, we can expect a better outcome - even expect a cure. If you have any suspicious moles or spots on your skin call for a consultation. No Referral Necessary. Independently Owned. 2525 Fox Run Parkway, Suite 204, Yankton www.yanktonsurgical.com For Appointments Call 605-668-9670 Kynan C. Trail, MD, FACS HERVOICEvJULY/AUGUST 2018v17

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