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vRACING continued from page 11 But one of the most notable moments for Vogt is one he gets to repeat race after race — signing cards and memorabilia for fans. “That is another aspect I really enjoy, being a role model for young kids,” he said. “Even if I have a wrecked car at the end of the race night, I maintain a positive attitude and sign cards for the fans. I try to make sure they have an enjoyable experience and keep coming back.” Stepping Up Vogt said he’s started giving some thought to what his next step in the racing world might be. “I’m right on the border of where I’d like to join the SLMR (Super Late Model Racing) Series full time,” he said. “That takes a lot of support from crew members and such, because when the SLMR tours for a weekend, sometimes it’s a Thursday, Friday and Saturday. … The logistics of that is the challenge of it, but that’s where I would like to be.” faster each week and how to make improvements,” he said. “It really is a social event for us as well. We’re one of the last ones to leave the pits at Wagner every week it seems like. … I have a cousin that races over at Wagner and we visit a lot after the races. Family will come down from the stands. Fans will come down from the stands and it’s really a good time to visit with everyone.” Vogt said, at the end of the day, he gets a lot out of the hobby of racing. “Everybody has their hobbies,” he said. “This one I get quite a lot out of. A lot of people will say a lot of negative things about racing (like), ‘Well, it’s expensive.’ I have my money in my car and trailer and such and compare to people that have campers and boats. They have just as much into their campers and boats, but I get a paycheck at the end of the night. It’s about your hobbies and what you get out of it, and I get a lot out of it as far as the satisfaction of when you have some good nights and the challenges when you have some struggles. Everyone has their hobbies and the people in the racing community are passionate about it.” n A Social Event Vogt said he finds joy in the technical aspect as well as the family aspect of racing. “As an engineer, I like trying to figure out how to make the car go ou Covered! We’ve Got Y 407 Ruth Street, Yankton, SD 605-857-1472 ROOFS • GUTTERS • SIDING • AND MORE • NO OBLIGATION Inspection & Estimate • Family Owned–Locally Operated • Licensed / Bonded / Insured 12vHISVOICEvJULY/AUGUST 2018

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